Well, I guess that depends on what you mean by best!

Opening a ticket

Creating a ticket here on support.raywalker.it  is probably the most reliable way to get help, while automatically maintaining a thorough record of communication.  Alternately, sending an email to support@raywalker.it works, and that will also create a ticket for future reference.

Picking up the phone

If it absolutely, positively cannot wait, nothing beats a phone call to the number displayed at the top right of the screen, however it's possible that number is out of a coverage area (yes, Tasmania is like that) or otherwise indisposed.  Leave a message and I'll get right back to you.

Feeling social 

You could also send a tweet to @raywalkerIT if that's more your thing.  We can be found on instagram, google+, linked.in and all kinds of fantastic new buzzwords.